True costs are determined by looking at both price per pound and use rate.

Looking at cost versus price, aren’t they the same thing? No, not really. Pretend you are choosing between two product to use in your formulation. Product A and Product B. If Product A has a price of $1.50/lb and product B’s price is $22/lb, and both will work for my application… the choice is easy, right? Product A will cost less. Right?

No, that is not necessarily true. You also need to look at usage rate. If you need 20 times as much of Product A then Product B to get the same result then Product A will cost you more. At the end of the year, you will be spending a lot more money if you go with Product A at $1.50/lb.

For Topping and Sprinkles when it comes to use rate what we are really talking about is coverage. How many cupcakes or donuts, for example, can you decorate per pound of sprinkles. That is really what matters.

Edible Glitter's unique flake design means that you get a lot of surface area covered per pound of product. On Average, you get 20 times the amount of coverage as you would get from Jimmies. That means you can look at the number of pounds of Jimmies you buy now and divide by 20. That would give you a good estimate as to how many pounds of Glitter you need. See more about coverage of Glitter and use rate compared to various types of sprinkles in our Coverage Section. We also have several helpful videos you can watch and short presentations that demonstrate how much your use rate will decrease. All this can be accessed from the Coverage page.

What can do you do with 1 cent or a penny’s worth of sprinkles?

We wanted to find out what you could do with one cent, a penny. Based on an approximate price of $1.44/lb for Jimmies type Sprinkles, one penny’s worth of Jimmies would be 3.155 grams of Jimmies. One penny’s worth of Edible Glitter is 227 mg or 0.227 grams. The price for Edible Glitter is based on purchases of 144 lbs of Edible Glitter. At first, this would sound like we are in trouble. But Edible Glitter provides amazing coverage.

Below is a picture of the two weigh boats. The one on the left has the Edible Glitter™ in it. The tare weight on this weigh boat is 227 mg. The second weigh boat has the jimmies and the tare weight (the weight of the Jimmies only) is 3.155 grams.


227 mg of Edible Glitter™ vs. 3.155 grams of Jimmies

After weighing out the sprinkles we started to decorate the cupcakes. Each of these cupcakes is identical. They are approximately 3” across the top. With the one penny’s worth or 3.155 grams of Jimmies, we decorated three of the cupcakes.


1 cent of Jimmies sprinkles = 3.155 grams, enough to decorate three of the six cupcakes

The next picture shows what we were able to do with one cent or 227 mg of Edible Glitter. Again these are the identical three-inch cupcakes, the same as we used above. With the one cent’s worth of Edible Glitter, we were able to decorate all six of the cupcakes.


1 cent of Edible Glitter = 277 mg or 0.277 grams, enough to decorate six of the six cupcakes

This demonstration shows that one cent worth of Edible Glitter will decorate twice as many cupcakes as one cent's worth of Jimmies Sprinkles. In this case that would be a 50% saving on the cost of topping.

For this demonstration, we used the price for order quantities of 144 lbs of Edible Glitter which is our minimum order size for product purchased from Watson directly. Higher order quantities would qualify for lower pricing. Smaller quantities are available through our distributors. See how to buy Edible Glitter.

We normally suggest customers assume a 30% reduction in cost for topping to be conservative. We want to under promise and over deliver. However, savings on topping costs at rates higher than 30% are very possible.

More savings:

In addition to the savings on costs of the sprinkles or toppings themselves, switching to Edible Glitter can offer additional opportunities to save freight costs and warehouse space. One standard pallet of Edible Glitter (measuring 48” x 48” x 42”) will replace about 6 pallets of Jimmies Sprinkles. That means you could pen up some warehouse space and save money on shipping and handling.