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For Home or Business Use

To service our business customers who wish to purchase glitter in jars, we have established CK Products as our distributor based on their customer service, quality programs, certifications, and for their ability to service our customers in a way that will delight them every time. They will provide customer service, support, and order fulfillment for EdiSparklz in jars.

You have the option to buy as little as one jar per color, a two pack of jars (single color selection) or a case of jars. Simply go to their website and search “Edible Glitter” on the main page.

CK Products
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Buy in Bulk by the Box

For quantities ranging from 1 Box to Pallet amounts

How We Package

16 lbs per box* with poly liner. The dimensions of each box are (shown in inches): 14 15/16 x 12 9/16 x 10 5/8

How to Order Direct from Glanbia Nutritionals

Quantity: We can handle volume from 1 carton to a truck load. Please check our coverage section before you place your order to ensure that you do not over-order.

*Note on Usage and Amounts: If you are replacing a typical sprinkle, you will need a lot less EdiSparklz to provide the same coverage (i.e., to decorate the same number of cakes, cookies, etc.). 1 lb of EdiSparklz provides the equivalent coverage of roughly 30 lbs of Sprinkles. Please take your existing sprinkle order amount and divide by 30.

For reference:

  • 1 jar of EdiSparklz covers 750 3" cupcakes, 659 glazed donuts, 422 4" cookies.
  • 16 lbs, or one box, of EdiSparklz flakes provide the coverage equivalent to roughly 192,000 3" cupcakes, 168,749 glazed donuts, 108,000 4" cookies.

Request a Sample: Please request a sample before placing an order to ensure you are ordering the correct amount.

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