Valentines Day Edible Glitter

By Christina Cole
Published on March 2nd, 2018

Valentine’s Day was perhaps created by the Romans but essentially perfected by the Victorians. There is an art to decadence, and it’s fragrant fervor, and aromas bleed from every adorned realm of Old Victoria. This time is the quintessential ideal of Valentine’s Day, inspiring gripping, passionate love with an idyllic flair. In modern day, how do we bring back the feeling of old romance with an up to date twist? We combine the charming, whimsical, Edible Glitter from Watson with the captivating Aristocratic and Bourgeoisie style of a time gone by.

Watson Edible Glitter can garnish everything Valentine’s Day from drink rimmers and handcrafted pastries to the simply decorated market chocolates that line the grocery store aisles.

A few simple examples of these ambrosial confections:

Simple Strawberry Cupcakes with hand-whipped vanilla icing sprinkled with a combination of Watson’s hot pink 8 mesh Glitter, New Emoji torrid, red lips and or light pink hearts. Wash it all down with a Pink Twist! (Sans the vodka, this virgin version of a Pink Squirrel made with heavy crème, almond milk and a splash of raspberry syrup for color! Fold in Emoji torrid red lips and hot pink 8 mesh Glitter together with your favorite sugars for glass trimming and a sweet or sour kick.)

Black currant-filled shortbread sandwich cookies dipped in pink tinted white chocolate, strewn with Watson Edible Glitter Light Pink Hearts! Crystal aperitif glasses are full of tangy, pink lemonade and lavender embellished with Watson Edible Glitter Valentine’s mix consisting of hot pink 8 mesh, red 8 mesh, new Emoji torrid red lips, Light Pink Hearts and red glitter dust for an added snap of color and texture!

The sweet tooth doesn’t have to be the only thing tantalized with these delicacies. One can easily switch to a not so sweet and a tad bit savory version of snack morsels. Try sourdough pretzels, topped with Himalayan pink sea salt and garlic sesame breadsticks frosted in white chocolate and dusted with hot pink 8 mesh, red 8 mesh, new Emoji torrid red lips, light pink hearts and red glitter dust.  Switch the glazed munchies up with smooth, ricotta cheese and white chocolate dip fit for dunking!


Marshmallows are also an easy treat to push to a piquant flavor. Campfire sized marshmallows can be dipped in white chocolate, powdered with cardamom or salted with Himalayan pink sea salt and decorated with hot pink 8 mesh, red 8 mesh, new Emoji torrid red lips, Light Pink Hearts and red glitter dust.

Edible Glitter is Only Limited by Your Imagination

There are a 100 beautiful ways to transform your store bought goodies into a setting full of excitement and mystery as Watson Edible Glitters add exotic glamour to any cuisine or beverage. Raspberry strudels to kisses, chocolate covered cherries, to strawberry flavored milk all take on the ardor and fire of Valentine’s Day when enhanced with Watson’s Edible Glitter.

Add Edible Glitter to your Valentines themed product. Learn more on our Edible Glitter page.