Unforgettable Limited-Time Offers

By Moira Watson
Published on December 27th, 2018

For me, it was Cadbury cream eggs. Everyone knew they were only available for Easter; when the bunny was gone, they were gone too. As a child, my only  goal was to make sure I got some of those eggs every year before they disappeared. I still remember that sense of urgency and the utter satisfaction when I sat down to eat that first Cadbury egg of the season. Truth is that, even though now I find them far too sweet, I still have to have at least one each year. It’s a tradition whose flavor instantly connects me back to my fondest childhood memories of Easter egg hunts, Easter baskets, and family.

In brand management and marketing, we strive to create the unforgettable limited time offer. The seasonal product that creates the warm nostalgia that I describe above. It is insanely hard to do.

We started to brainstorm (or maybe I should say ‘brandstorm’) on how we could help our customers create unforgettable limited-time offers using Watson’s Edible Glitter.

We selected frozen, pre-made pancakes as the product to “transform” into our unforgettable limited time offer. (Of course this would work equally well with frozen waffles, frozen toaster pastry, or any heat-and-eat food in the freezer section.)

Can ordinary frozen pancakes become an extraordinary Christmas tradition that will live on in the memories of children for decades? Could a brand use our Edible Glitter to create the sense of urgency to buy their limited-edition pancakes before Santa is gone?

Edible glitter is freeze / thaw stable, so it is perfect for this adventure. It is well suited to being co-packed with frozen foods.  

Check out our unforgettable Very Merry Christmas pancakes! What do you think? Unforgettable?

And the same concept in a seasonal blend of blue and silver.

Now for the best part: How can any ready-to-eat or heat-and-eat food use a similar strategy? Edible Glitter can be packaged in packets for single use or single serve. Manufacturers can include a packet in specially marked boxes for a limited time. 

As a bonus for brands, Edible Glitter is one of the hottest Instagram trends. So not only is the limited time offer unforgettable, but it also lends itself to sharing images on social media. This builds on the experience and connection with the brand.