Taking Seasonal Line Extensions Beyond the Box

By Moira Watson
Published on December 27th, 2018

Christmas graphics on the box does NOT make a donut into a Christmas donut. It’s still just a donut.

Manufacturers in the food and beverage industry are under increased pressure to turn out several new limited time offers and seasonal or Holiday line extensions every year. Consumers are looking for something new and interesting. They are looking for foods that help celebrate the season and make meal time special during the weeks preceding or following a holiday.

One way that brands have addressed this desire for a holiday twist on a traditional favorite is to change the graphics on the box or the wrapper, but we say “go beyond the box!”. Yes, seasonal colors and graphics are eye-catching and they can grab the consumer’s eye. But once the box is open or the wrapper is removed, the holiday theme is gone. When the food is served, the connection to the holiday is lost, and that’s a lost opportunity for brands looking to create more of an experience for the consumer.

Bring the colors and themes to the food itself. Go beyond the wrapper!

Here is a simple example: Plain white powdered sugar mini donuts are sold in bags and clamshells. A holiday sticker or wrapper on the outside is great, but how about changing the color of the donut? How about adding Edible Glitter in holiday color themes?

Check out these donuts in a traditional red, green and gold theme.

Here is the same concept but illustrated with a winter theme in a variety of blues and silvers. Edible Glitter can be applied as a single color or in color blends as shown in these two examples.

Want buzz for your brand? Creating products that are funny, different, and have a little attitude can spread on social media, and that word of mouth and brand exposure can be a tremendous lift. This is especially true when the product is photogenic.

Here is a fun twist – a black and silver theme creates the look of coal (perfect for those who fell off the nice list and ended up on the naughty list this year!) Give someone a reminder to be nicer – put a little coal on their plate! The good news is that it still tastes great.  Here are two variations on coals we whipped up on a corn muffin and a donut.

The great thing about this is it’s witty, tasty, and definitely something someone would post on social media!

All of these examples are memorable which, if you are in charge of a brand, is like getting a lump of gold vs a lump of coal in your stocking!