Special Effects

By Moira Watson
Published on May 21st, 2015

Want a special color-change effect in a beverage? Try Edible Glitter™! Our standard, gum arabic based Edible Glitter™ will dissolve in a beverage, but not before creating a couple of pretty cool special effects.

For one, the flakes will drift down and float up with the bubbles if the beverage is carbonated. It will also color the foam on the top of carbonated beverage and change the color of the beverage.In these pictures, you will see the color change from pink, to light purple with blue foam, and then deep purple. We did this by adding our blue Edible Glitter flakes to a pink carbonated beverage. There is a video you can watch as well, that shows this color-change.

We have also done this with a yellow beverage and red glitter to turn it orange. You can have a lot of fun with this, great in cocktails or for sodas. Fun for both adults and for kids!