Rainbow Pizza

By Moira Watson
Published on June 10th, 2015

Kids love pizza. (Let’s face it we all love pizza!) But how do you persuade children to make healthier choices? For example, how do you get them to choose whole wheat thin crust pizza with tomato and cheese, instead of a traditional pepperoni pizza?

Here is one idea: Edible glitter can be added to the shredded cheese before it is applied to the pizza during manufacture. Alternatively, a packet of Edible Glitter could be provided with the frozen pizza. Kids love to put their own finishing touches on their foods. This would be a great way for them to put the finishing touches on a pizza!

Edible Glitter™ Before Baking

Edible Glitter™ after baking

If you have seen previous blog posts, you probably have read that Edible Glitter has no sugar and most of the Edible Glitters we sell have no flavor. While we CAN make flavors for certain customers, for the most part the thing about Edible Glitter is color. Amazing, sparkling, and eye catching color! Edible Glitter is a color delivery system.

How about getting rid of artificial colors and having a clean label? No problem, we can do that as well. There are many good label-friendly colors to work with out there. There is no real definition of “natural” colors, so we often call them non-FD&C colors. Examples can include things like red radish, cabbage or turmeric (a yellow spice).

Edible Glitter like that shown in the picture above is made from Gum Arabic. It has a great story. You can read about it here.

The picture above is an unbaked frozen pizza. Edible Glitter is stable in the freezer. It will melt when in contact with water, but as long as the frozen pizza is unwrapped before it is defrosted, there will not be an issue with melting ice on the packaging film’s interior dissolving the Edible Glitter. That means it could be applied to the pizza during manufacture. This would also work with fresh or refrigerated pizzas.

Obviously, as I said earlier, many kids would enjoy sprinkling it on the pizza themselves, so a packet packed along with the pizza would also be a great choice.

What happens as it bakes: You get colored cheese! It looks like a water color painting, marvelous and so appealing to children.

Edible Glitter is the real thing. It is actually edible, made with real food ingredients, unlike craft glitters that are sold as “non toxic”. For more information see some of my earlier posts Food Grade Edible Glitter and Non-Toxic Craft Glitter.