Non-Toxic Craft Glitter

By Moira Watson
Published on April 14th, 2015

In my last post, I talked about the difference between truly edible glitters and non-toxic craft glitter. I decided to talk a little more about the non-toxic craft glitters. This non-food-grade glitter is being used by people on cupcakes, bagels, chocolates, and drinks. When you read the fine print, it says that it can be used 'for display' on a cake, which basically means you can use it on a cake if you are NOT going to eat the cake. The craft glitters also say they are not FDA approved. Still, people are using them on food! They also say “NON-TOXIC. This is not a food product and should not be considered as such.” Yet they show it on food! These craft glitters that are marketed as “non-toxic” are made of PVC- Mylar plastic, basically the same thing that mylar balloons are made with. Who wants that in their food?