Limited Edition Seasonal and Holiday Line Extensions

By Moira Watson
Published on December 12th, 2018

Seasonal line extensions and limited time offers (LTO) become more important to CPG companies each year. This is especially true in the food and beverage industry. Brands are vying to get the consumers attention while shoppers are looking for something new way to indulge themselves for the holiday.

This can be challenging, inventing new flavors and holiday themes. The good news is there is a second trend in CPG that is making it a little easier. The trend of Do It Yourself (DIY) or semi-finished foods. Whatever you like to call it, a growing number of consumers enjoy putting that finishing touch on their meals. They like the feeling of personalization it brings to complete the meal with something like a special topping, for example.  This is also ties into the megatrend which is: food has to look good, presentation counts, and it’s got to be “instagramable!”.

Here is an example in our “before photo”. This is vanilla pudding. Our place setting says holiday, but the puddings says “Wednesday.” Nothing all that exciting here.


If the pudding brand manager wanted to create a LTO, one option would be to include a packet like this one in every box of pudding mix. It’s filled with holiday Edible GlitterTM, which is now available in single serving packets. Edible Glitter can also be co-packed with a pudding cup either in a dome cap or in a packet attached to the lid or box.

Here is the Holiday pudding with a shake of the Edible Glitter on top. Now this says Holiday! What I like about this option is that it makes an easy LTO that also allows the consumer to make the final decorating touches. The consumer gets to be the “artist” and finish the masterpiece. This creates an experience which elevates the brand and creates more positive connections with the end consumer. It is also very instagramable.

This concept would also work for yogurt. The Edible Glitter in the packet is custom blended to fit each brand’s LTO themes and objectives. We chose traditional Christmas themed colors for the examples above. With the range of colors available in Edible Glitter you can also create a seasonal theme, for example, blues and silvers for winter. Here is how you could do the same concept in blues and silvers. 

Watson’s edible glitter is the perfect way to create an endless array of LTO and seasonal line extensions while building a connection between your brand and the consumer through a positive and fun experience.

Single-use or single-serve edible glitter packets contain the blend of colors and shapes you select for your theme.