From Generic to Gourmet

By Moira Watson
Published on April 27th, 2015

This chocolate pudding looks gourmet, but it is just a store brand pudding we put in a glass dish. The Gold Edible Glitte™ as the garnish just makes it look extra special. You would think it was French pot de crème, not a generic store brand pudding. The funniest thing, is the that people we served it to raved about how good it tasted! Yes, they thought it was rather special. Goes to show you that with food, presentation really counts!

Metallic Gold Stars on chocolate Pudding

The second photo shows the same idea with cheese cake. This is cheese cake served with cherry topping and silver Edible Glitter™ stars. Looks so elegant. This is a great way to make upscale desserts. Edible Glitter™ gives the appearance of high quality and decadence, and yes it is … really... 100% Edible Glitter™!

Metallic Silver Stars on cheesecake