Flavored Edible Glitter™ in Ice Cream – Flavor Changers

By Moira Watson
Published on May 28th, 2015

We made this ice cream in our R&D Lab to test Edible Glitter™ in ice cream, and it works great! In this case, we wanted to try a flavored Edible Glitter™. Most of the Edible Glitter™ we sell is un-flavored. The reason for this is that it is often going on top of something that already has a lot of flavor, so additional flavor or sweetness is not needed. (For example, if you are putting Edible Glitter™ on chocolate frosting, you really don’t need a sweet sprinkle. The frosting already has the sweetness; you just want some color, to add a visual pop of eye catching color.)

In the case of this ice cream, however, we wanted to see how much flavor impact we could get from adding Flavored Edible Glitter™ to vanilla ice cream. We selected Raspberry Edible Glitter™. As you can see from the photo, we did not add a lot. With Edible Glitter™, a little goes a long way.

We were so surprised by the result: the samples tasted just like raspberry ice cream! Such a small amount of glitter, but it changed the entire flavor profile of the ice cream. The difference was so dramatic, people in the test group could not believe that we had not added additional flavor to the ice cream. All of the flavor was coming only from the Raspberry Edible Glitter™.

For this application we were able to use Watson’s Flavored Edible Glitter™, made with gum arabic. The samples were kept in the freezer and the Edible Glitter™ remained stable throughout the shelf life of the ice cream.

This would be a great application for an ice cream manufacturer looking for a novel way to add amazing flavor and color to hard ice cream or frozen yogurt.

Another similar application would be a flavor change for soft-serve style ice creams. Edible Glitter™ in various flavors could be sprinkled on top of vanilla soft serve to change the flavor from vanilla to lemon, coconut, strawberry, raspberry, etc. This would also work with chocolate soft-serve; possible combinations could be chocolate-strawberry or mint-chocolate. The benefit here is that, where you were once limited to two flavors of soft serve from a standard machine, Edible Glitter™ would give you unlimited flavoring options!