Edible Glitter Tacos

By Christina Cole
Published on April 26th, 2018

Edible Glitter Tacos; How has it not happened sooner? A deep and introspective question you might be asking yourself right now. With the recent surge in Edible Glitter decorated food; savory treats have been no exception.

So it only seems right that those Internet dominating Tacos be hit with some fancy flare as well. Again, how has it not happened sooner? Trust me, I googled. There are no mentions of an Edible Glitter Taco anywhere except for a band called…  you guessed it, The Glitter Tacos. (And a few glitter taco girl’s t-shirts that we wish were scratch n’ sniff as well) What makes it even crazier that this hasn’t popped up is that it’s Mexican. Mexico, festive as it is, should brand celebration. Therefore, it only makes sense that you grab your flag colored Edible Glitters and have a little Twinkle De Mayo as well!

For our Triceratacos we have chosen Edible Glitter Green and Edible Glitter Red to represent the colors of the Mexican Flag. Green represents hope; White symbolizes purity and Red represents the blood of those who died fighting for Mexico's independence.

More Cinco De Mayo Ideas

You don't have to stop there! Here are some other food ideas that you can incorporate Edible Glitter™ into at your Cinco De Mayo party;

  • Mexican Sweet Breads, nothing more visually perfect and delicious but now doubly so with just a dash of Edible Glitter.

  • Guacamole, The perfect palette to mix color for this victory celebration.

  • Chips & Salsa, already rich in color, can be made more vibrant with a dash of Red & Green!

  • Cheers! Don't forget to rim those Margaritas!

  • Mexican Hot Chocolate! Abuelita would be proud, and it's just like something she would do to make you smile.

  • Cerviche' .. this coastal dish is already a mecca of artful food bursting with flavor, sprinkle with monochromatic hues of red for a lively, spicey look.

  • Scatter Edible Glitter around the table for a lil' extra instead of craft/non-toxic glitter or confetti! The best thing about Edible Glitter is not only is it obviously edible, but it's environmentally friendly too. No plastics, No Allergens, Nothing but water reducible ingredients.