Color Changing Edible Glitter

By Moira Watson
Published on May 12th, 2015

Green milk? How about pink? Dip that cookie and watch your milk change color!

Earlier, on April 16th, I posted about baking Edible Glitter™ directly on the surface of a cookie or cake. The basic concept is that you can put Edible Glitter™ on cookie dough before it goes in the oven. The Edible Glitter™ will not burn or discolor as the cookie bakes. It won’t melt either. But it will stick to the top of the cookie because it gets baked on. This means very little falls off after the bake and very little gets wasted.

But here is the best part when it comes to these cookies: you can dip them in milk and watch the color of the milk change! Kids especially love this.Green glitter on a chocolate chip St. Patrick’s Day cookie will make the milk seem like it came from a leprechaun’s cow!

If plain milk is just a little too plain, you could do the same thing with flavored glitter. Sprinkle a little strawberry-flavored red glitter onto your cookie dough. When those cookies are dunked, the milk will turn pink and taste like strawberry!