Coverage: Why It Matters

How much it costs for the decorative topping on your product can drastically effect your bottom line. While it is easy to think that the price per pound is the greatest determinate metric of cost, it is really the amount of coverage achieved. Coverage, or use rate, is how many units you can cover with a pound of product. For example, how many cupcakes, snacks, cookies or donuts can be covered with one pound of topping.

Equal Weights

EdiSparklz unique flake design gives more surface coverage per pound of product than traditional sprinkles. In addition, EdiSparklz flake design is light weight, providing more product per pound compared to traditional sprinkles. Think of a pound of rocks verse a pound of feathers.

An example of how much more value you can get with EdiSparklz is to compare coverage. In the picture below you will see two weigh boats, each contains enough toppings to comfortably decorate a single 3" cirlce (think cupcake, cookie, doughnut). The weighboat on the left contains EdiSparklz and the weighboat on the right contains sprinkles. The weighboat with EdiSparklz only weighs 0.15g while the weighboat with sprinkles weighs a whopping 3g!

Weigh Boat Comparison

0.15 g of EdiSparklz vs. 3 g of Sprinkles

If we compare, weight for weight, EdiSparklz and sprinkles, the difference is even more extreme. Three grams of sprinkles will only cover a single circle while 3g of EdiSparklz will cover 20 circles!

EdiSparklz 1 vs 20 Comparison

3g of EdiSparklz vs. 3g of Sprinkles
On average, 1 lb of EdiSparklz will replace 20 lbs of traditional sprinkles in a topping application and 30 lbs of sprinkles when used as an inclusion.

As you can see, coverage is an important metric to consider when calculating costs. It is not always the price per pound that determines cost, but the coverage per pound.

In addition to fantastic coverage, EdiSparklz can help save you freight and storage costs. Vist our Benefits page to learn how EdiSparklz can help improve your bottom line.