Improve Nutritional Profile

What you need in most cases from a sprinkle is color. Often sprinkles are applied to products which are already sweetened and flavored. You don't need more sugar and fat from your sprinkles. You just need appealing, eye-catching color and that is exactly what you get from EdiSparklz.

Unlike traditional Sprinkles, EdiSparklz contain no sugar and no partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, providing a great compliment for Keto, Paleo, Whole 30 and other nutritional lifestyle regimens. Based on a standard severing size, switching from Sprinkles to EdiSparklz can reduce your calories per serving by about ten calories. EdiSparklz are also allergen-free and do not contain any of the ingredients that appear on the USDA Bioengineered Food list.

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Superior Versatility

EdiSpsarklz can be used anywhere that you would use traditional sprinkles, plus many places sprinkles can’t go. For example, typical sprinkles are made of fat and sugar, and they will melt if added to the syrup for a hard candy. EdiSparklz can take the heat. The glitter can be baked without browning or burning in temperatures up to 450°F. Also, EdiSparklz are so light, it will stick to any slightly moist surface, like the surface of a powdered sugar doughnut, cereal or chip, when sprinkles would just bounce off. These little flakes and shapes are like magic.


Improve Appearance


Everyone is used to seeing sprinkles on ice cream, cupcakes and donuts and they have looked the same for generations. EdiSparklz are a new kind of topping or inclusion. They stand out, they look different and are eye-catching. They will stand out in a crowd of other sprinkles. See our Magic Showcase to view all the possibilities!

With EdiSparklz wide variety of colors and shapes, it is easy to create one-of-a-kind LTO's, special edition and holiday products to drive incremental sales with reduced R&D time. Simply switch colors for a brand new look instantly.

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Decorate More

Better Coverage Per Pound

Traditional decorative toppingss like sprinkles, nonpareils and colored sugar weigh a lot. They are heavy and bulky. EdiSparklz Flakes in comparison are a thin lightweight flake. A flat flake means lots of surface area, lots of color, very little weight and more coverage per pound. One pound of EdiSparklz Flakes will cover the same amount of product (for example cupcakes, doughnuts, cakes, and candies) as 20 lbs of traditional sprinkles as a topping application or 30 lbs of sprinkles as an inclusion.

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Lower costs

Store and ship fewer pallets

Do you buy 12,000 lbs of Sprinkles? By switching from sprinkles to EdiSparklz Flakes you can save on freight and warehouse space.

Thin and lightweight, shipping and storing EdiSparklz is a breeze. For example, a single pallet of EdiSparklz Flakes only weighs 576 lbs compared to the equivalent amount of sprinkles (6 pallets) which is roughly 11,520 lbs! In this example, switching to EdiSparklz flakes will lower your freight rates and save you 5 pallet spaces in your warehouse, improving your bottom line.